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  • TeCora & Webster, Married 11/2018
    2_TeCora & Webster.png
    Webster and I starting speaking to one another on Forever Happy Dating site in May of 2016. We decided to go on our first date May 29, 2016 to a seafood restaurant in Lake Worth, Florida. I was nervous because I had never really done online dating before. I sent some of my good friends my locations and notified them just in case things went sour. I arrived before Webster. When he arrived, I immediately found him attractive. Our first date was amazing, we had such a good time. We ended up going out again a few days later. We immediately hit it off and made this official on June 5th, 2016. I had originally wanted to take things slow, because I had recently broke things off with an ex I was with for 8 years. However, Webster and I wer inseparable. We couldn’t get enough of one another. He was so kind and respectful. He made me feel like a queen and always complimented me on my beauty. We moved in rather quickly and we’ve been together ever since. Webster proposed to me in Tampa, the night before his birthday. He constantly shows me each and every day how much he loves me, not only through his words, but through his actions. What Webster loves the most about me is how I remember him of his mother, who passed away some years ago. He always tells me I encompass a lot of qualities she had and she definitely did raise him to be the perfect gentleman. We got married on November 4th at a country club in West Palm and it was the most beautiful day. Our wedding felt just like a fairy tale!
  • Andrea & David, Married
    1_story pic.png
    "I finally found my Best friend!" I never really believed I would find a serious relationship from a dating site, but I was willing to give it a shot. The instant we started messaging each other we both knew there was something special. The long messages back and forth, hours spent talking on the phone and looking forward to seeing each other after each date, it was wonderful. Our friends and families are now intertwined and support our loving relationship. When Dave asked me to marry him, my heart was filled with so much joy. We are looking forward to our wedding day (Fall 2012) and starting our very own family in the near future. We want to thank Forever Happy Dating for bringing us together and helping us create our love story
  • Married 11/2015
    On October 19, 2013, I came across Leticia's profile on Forever Happy Dating Site. I wrote her a message, and she responded. On December 01, 2013, we went on our first date. We met at Downtown Disney. I let her know from the start that I enjoyed our first date. We continue to keep in contact. What was amazing was we have been attending the same church, but at different service times. On February 14, 2014, we went to a nice candle light dinner at Pomona Minning Company. We then went to Victoria Gardens. I waited for the right moment by the courtyard, and asked her to be my girlfriend. On August 28, 2014, we went on a trip to Acalpuco. I took that opportunity to ask Leticia to be my wife. We will be getting married on November 07, 2015, Praise God!
  • Kali & Brandon, Married 10/2018
    3_Kali & Brandon.jpg
    We met on Forever Happy Dating I believe late August of 2015. I sent him q "flirt" not knowing it was going to send a message. It was the best message I've ever sent. Our first date was September 9, 2015. We met for coffee and it turned into a four hour date driving around the city. We later found out we went to preschool together and have the picture to prove it. We worked on our relationship and our successful business together. Flash forward 3 years and we just had our wedding October 13, 2018. If it was not for Forever Happy Dating we wouldn't have found each other. In three years, we have formed a beautiful life together and it continues to grow
  • catrina & don, Married 8/2018
    His profile picture showed a red headed cowboy yet his profile said he spoke Arabic. I had to know HOW this “country boy” spoke Arabic. Turns out it was an accident. He didn’t know he selected Arabic in the drop down menu. That quickly became our joke about how he got me to talk to him. We met a few weeks later. From the moment we met, I felt as though I had always loved him. We had an intellectual connection not to mention the chemistry!! We just got married August 25th. So I would like to say Thank You to Forever Happy Dating. One more success story! I am so happy to be so HAPPY!!
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