Are Dating Apps and Texting Working For You? If Not, There’s An Alternative.

You ever hear someone say, “Dating sucks in (fill-in-your-city-here)” I do every day. I’ve written, ad nauseum, about the value of connection, of slowing down a beat, of screening men prior to first dates, to using conversation instead of text as a primary form of communication. And yet people still insist they have no choice but to Tinder and text because that’s what everyone else is doing. Well maybe – just maybe – people are starting to think for themselves

Before I Get Married, A Shout-Out to All the Men I’ve Loved Before

For some people, life is just a series of dogs. For me, life has been a series of romantic relationships. Maggie Parker would seem to feel the same way. In her New York Times Modern Love column, she pens an ode to all of her exes after she finally got engaged. It’s hopeful, not bitter. Constructive, not destructive. Here’s the part that got to me: “To all my exes, I am grateful to every single one of you for not working out. The